Andreas Neuenkirchen
Currenly lives in Tokyo

Andreas Neuenkirchen is a German novelist and essayist based in Tokyo. He is married to a Japanese national, they have one daughter. You can follow and friend him on Instagram and Facebook, for further information please see his homepage (in German, but mostly self-explanatory)

Local Japan: Up and down (and up and down) in Meguro

June 8th, 2017 By Andreas Neuenkirchen
Local Japan

My wife Junko and I got married in Tokyo, her hometown, but we spent our first years of married live in Munich, Germany, where I was gainfully employed at the time. Our intention always had been to relocate to Japan “when the time is right”. In 2015, we decided that the time would be right in 2016. A little sooner than we expected. There was a job offer on the ... Read More