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A Glimpse into the World of the Japanese (Secondhand) Kimono

December 6th, 2017 By Kathrin K

Shitamachi Omoshiro Kogeikan is a little shop on the ground floor hidden in an unimposing building that is tucked between a French restaurant and a bar. You will most likely just pass by and wonder about the little French restaurant where people start queuing before it even opened. But then, this is Tokyo and people always queue. Maybe you would miss the entrance to the Kogeikan entirely you weren’t ... Read More

Learning Japanese in Japan...for little money!

September 25th, 2017 By Kathrin K

Studying Japanese in Japan can be extremely expensive. You can easily spend thousands of dollars per year on a language school and although I am not saying they aren’t worth it, there are some slightly cheaper options. Of course this does not apply if you need to get a student visa via some language school to come to Japan or if you want to commit full-time in order to ... Read More

A day at Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square: Meeting the Makie artist Hariya Takayuki

September 19th, 2017 By Kathrin K

Thousands of tourists squeeze each other every day through the cramped streets in front of Sensoji in Asakusa in order to find souvenirs for themselves and their beloved ones at home. Most often they are looking for traditional Japanese crafts such as ceramics, lacquerware or Kokeshi dolls - something typical that represents Japan. They go from shop to shop, calculating and converting prices to save a few hundred yen until they ... Read More

The Robot Restaurant

July 18th, 2017 By Ian G

It most certainly came as a shock to me to have found children here. I mean, there was literally  a bunch of nine these year-olds anticipatedly sitting at the waiting room/lounge during the thirty-minute window prior to the show. You could see the excitement on their faces as their innocent hearts could not wait for another second for their clearly premeditated vision and hope of seeing giant dinosaur figures ... Read More

Culture Shock - it kicks you right in the guts

July 11th, 2017 By Kathrin K

It always amazes me. I have years of experience in working with teens who have decided to go on a high school exchange year to another country. I spent another high school year in another country, studied abroad while at university, volunteered abroad and finally moved abroad to another country. I have been to many countries and lived in some of them, although I obviously got stuck in Japan. I ... Read More

The nostalgic feeling of a typical Japanese summer night I never experienced

June 28th, 2017 By Kathrin K

When I think summer, I think of cicadas. Big bugs that sit on trees and in the bushes and either wake me up in the morning or accompany my early evening. They sing their song and I cannot even say that I find it particularly beautiful. I would even say, that it might annoy me when they sing so loudly that you wonder how many of them are actually around ... Read More

Have you ever tried Japanese Sweets?

May 23rd, 2017 By Miyuki K

Do you like pastries ? If you do and are in Japan, I highly recommend you to try some local sweets and snacks ! It is true that Japanese people are not used to eat very sweet food or what we call "desert" so much. However some purely Japanese food can be a little sweet because of the sauce, for example the sauce one that you put on okonomiyaki, yakisoba or tonkatsu ... Read More

A day at Kappabashi kitchen street

May 22nd, 2017 By Miyuki K
Culture Travel

Kappabashi street is a place near Asakusa well known by Japanese chefs. Indeed, most chefs and restaurants buy their cooking equipment at Kappabashi street. And you as well can find there everything you need to cook Japanese dishes.Formerly known mostly among chefs, Kappabashi has started to gain more interest among common Tokyo visitors, too. The street is not just pots and pans but tourists can wander into interesting shops ... Read More

Ryokan in Japan: a selection of the best Japanese style hotels

May 16th, 2017 By Miyuki K
Culture Travel

You always wanted to experience the famous Japanese  ryokan but you don't know which one to choose?Don't worry anymore, we will help you to make your choice with a list of the 5 most popular in Japan.This ranking has been made by and all the scores were calculated according to the review of the customers themselves.Using this ranking system, we believe that the ... Read More

10 mistakes to avoid in Japan

May 15th, 2017 By Miyuki K

If you are going to visit Japan soon or if you are already here, you may know that life in Japan is ruled by many codes and customs. This is mainly to ensure mutual respect between people and create a good atmosphere. And to be honest with you, it works! :)Indeed, living in Japan is something really pleasant and you get used to it very easily. People are polite and ... Read More